Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Better late than never?

I start my blog and then disappear for a week. That's what happens when work gets in the way, 12 hour shifts every other day are not conducive to getting anything done. In fact my one day off is usually spent thinking of all the important things I have to do while sitting on the couch eating raisinets (yes, that's candy obsession). Maybe one day I'll learn to be productive (insert children to force me into productivity).

Life lately has been completely uninteresting in my world. I need to vamp it up so I have something entertaining to say or else the few readers I have will put me on the back burner and then who will laugh at my random stories? Other than myself...& my hubby who is forced to.

The only mildly exciting thing going on in my life is planning our trip to Croatia in September. The idea of jet setting to Europe and 12+ hours of flying isn't really my hubby's idea of fun. It's taken quite a bit of convincing. But the more people I tell, the more he's forced into going or else he'll look like the bad guy. Sorry Dennis, looks like I've suckered you into yet another adventure ;-)

But seriously, who wouldn't want to go here:

Holy crap!!! Seeing that made me 100x more excited!!! Can I go now? I promise I'll do something exciting this weekend, or maybe have another crazy dream for future entertainment. Until next time...

Monday, May 19, 2014

Dream Catcher

Ever wake up from a crazy dream and the first thing that comes to mind is "what in the hell was that?" Well, that's exactly what went through my mind at 2:33 this morning. That and 'man I could really go for some raisinets'.

I'm not sure if it's just my (crazy) family but we're huge believers in dreams having meanings. This especially being true after 27+ years ago my mom mentioned to my grandmother that she dreamed of a cow giving birth. My little hispanic grandmother then went on a tantrum screaming "Ay dios mio...estas embarazada! Llame al medico ahora mismo!!!" For my non-hispanic, and who am I kidding, probably my hispanic friends who can't read MY version of adorable little grandma was screaming that my Mommy, the lady who thought she'd never be able to have another baby, was pregnant. And sure enough, a few pregnancy tests and a doctor appointment later, my beautiful Mommy was pregnant with what she likes to call her "miracle baby". (In case you didn't put it together- I'm the miracle baby.)

So clearly, I am a firm believer that dreams have meaning. Anywho, back to dream was just freaking strange. Here is the condensed version: I was being chased through some foreign city, one with grimey looking people. My instincts led me into a random house which ended up being my demise because the owners proved to be quite the set of assholes. After they barricaded me in their kitchen they got the attention of the person chasing me. Now here's where my confusion comes in- I was being chased by a ninja. I'm talking all black clothes, face-covered, sword throwing ninja. Anyone who knows me knows I'm 105 pounds soaking wet and the biggest wimp. Needless to say, I immediately felt defeated. Suddenly all 'Life of Pi' like, a tiger prances in (yes, prances) and saves my life. As the evening chill rolls in and the sun sets over the cascading mountains we rode off into the grimey city together and bada boom bada bing- I'm awake.

Now how in the hell do you decipher that? Anyone with a dream book ready to dissect this REM madness?

Sunday, May 18, 2014

And it begins...

Here is it, the beginning of my new journey. A journey I've thought about taking countless times but never had the gusto to actually start. My entrance to the world of creativity and random ramblings about life & the pursuit of happiness. Or something along those lines.

There's a possibility it will be a little rocky at first. We'll go through that really awkward "dating" phase when I want to shout from the roof tops how excited I am, kinda like I'm doing right now. Meanwhile most people will think I'm a lunatic and laugh at my insatiable love of my new, funky, fresh adventure. Eventually we'll get over the newness of it all and fall into a routine and while some might consider this boring, I promise it will be anything but.

So here's to the beginning of a fabulous ride filled with ups, downs, twists, turns, and the inevitable curse words that are...just around the river bend...(note: the last 5 words need to be sung for full effect, and yes I'm jamming out to Pocahontas- judge away!)