Sunday, February 1, 2015


Holy Moly!!! We have officially reached BIRTH MONTH!!! And to anyone who says "what if he's born in March?"...I curse the day you were born. Do NOT wish that upon me, please and thanks. I THINK we're ready, key word being think. Car seats are installed, hospital bag is pretty much packed (I'm always adding/changing things), & home front is babyfied. So bring on the pain and cursing...I mean labor. 

I slacked again so this is another twofer PLUS a few nursery pictures:
36 weeks 5 days
Apologies for the crappy picture, I was too lazy to go upstairs and retake it.
Landon's Library

Beautiful artwork drawn by Aunt Ber <3
More homemade pieces made by Lindsay <3

And finally this weeks #bumpdate:

How far along? 37 weeks 1 day
Total weight gain/loss: 26 lbs (103-129), no weight gain last week
Maternity clothes? I may never go back to regular pants.
Stretch marks? Still rockin' a stripe free belly...yippee!!!
Sleep: If one more person tells me to "get sleep now, while you still can" I might explode. Here's the thing peeps...I DON'T SLEEP! The back/hip pain and general "I'm too big to even fit in a king size bed" feeling is officially here and not leaving. I can't wait to have Daddy or Abuelita (aka Wiwa) watch Landon so I can get in a peaceful and comfortable nap.
 Best moment this week: Hitting FULL TERM and knowing Landon can make his appearance any day now! (And yes, I realize this could still mean a few weeks)
Miss Anything? Spicy Tuna Roll!!!! And Jack's Sub Shack...can't wait for Studly to bring me some treats in the hospital!
Movement: Still moving like a mad man and causing Mama all sorts of discomfort.
Food cravings: Sushi sounds delish
Anything making you queasy or sick: Been pretty good lately.
Have you started to show yet: I feel like I'm about to POP!
Gender prediction: Mister <3
Labor Signs: A few take my breathe away, holy moly I think I might die contractions...but nothing consistent. Just lots and lots of uncomfortable pressure when I walk around too much.
Belly Button in or out? Outtie
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy. Excited!
Looking forward to: Meeting my new little man!!! I can't believe birth month is FINALLY here!!!

Until next time...

Mama Bear signing off...

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