Saturday, June 27, 2015

4 months of fun!

So I came to blog a bit since it's been months and I discovered that I started a post but never finished it. After reading it and giggling at the lovely memories I decided I'll add it into today's post. So here it is:

In the last few weeks I have had puke (almost) fly into my mouth, a whole shirt soaked with pee, and numerous gag worthy poopy diapers. This kid of mine really knows how to make his Mama smell delightful. Luckily he has also been much better during the day, with less crying, which means I get to shower for more than 2.7 minutes at a time. HOORAY!

We visited our fabulous pediatrician for little man's 2 month well check up. I am happy to say that he is living up to his new nickname. Chunk weighed in at 9lb 7oz, he gained over 2 lbs in a month!!! WOO HOO!!! I'm pretty sure he would be well over 10lbs if he actually kept his food down rather than puking way too often. But we've learned to deal with that. We travel everywhere with at least 7 bibs and 10 burp cloths, even if its just a quick trip to Publix. And by Publix, I mean the mall or any place other than the grocery store because I still loathe grocery shopping.

And now back to today...
Oh how I remember those days, but lets be honest...they still very much exist! Although Landon's reflux has gotten so much better and his puking spells are much smaller and less frequent. Hooray for  growing out of the not so fun stuff!

Life with a 4 month old has been absolutely fabulous! I'll admit that the few 2.5-3 months of a baby's life is rather boring. Eat, sleep, poop, cry...and repeat. Since he turned 3 months he has been so fun to watch. From giggle fits, to endless smiles, to bubble blowing, to becoming a roly poly...I love it all! He's developing such an adorable personality and it's been so much fun to watch him change literally from day to day. Our weeks are always packed with gymboree dates, swimming lessons, trips to the Seaquarium and Jungle Island and so much more. We just can't help but explore!

I've noticed our little man likes to chat away around people he sees frequently but he's much more shy and quiet around big groups. It's amazing to watch how they interact with different people. We're so excited to head to Illinois next month, I just hope he gives his Gibby family lots of smiles and giggles and doesn't become shy around them. I'm sure our first traveling adventure will be one to talk about. I'm slightly nervous for the whole packing, flying, being out of our element thing. Lets hope he stays sleeping through the night when its not his usual surroundings. Oh yea, sleeping through the night started a few weeks ago and holy moly is it wonderful! I think with baby #2 (in the future peeps, I'm not preggo) we'll be transitioning to the crib much sooner.

I think that's enough rambling for today...this blog has no point or purpose but perhaps I'll enjoy reading in the future. Maybe Landon will too, who knows!
First time in the pool in Anna Maria

Fell asleep after a few minutes in

My blue eyed beauty <3

Jungle Island adventure

Playing at Gymboree

Getting ready for Father's Day pictures

Babyhawk in the pool

Until next time...
Mama Bear signing off...

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