Friday, September 26, 2014

Stache or Sash?

My apologies for the extremely overdue post. Between Croatia, traveling home, work and life's general craziness I haven't had much time to do anything near a computer. We got back from vacation and reality slapped us right in the face. The bitch said "welcome back" with vengeance. So this will be quite a few weekly chalkboards all in one big post. Croatia deserves a whole post to itself so when life slows down a tad (aka maybe next week) I'll sit down and reflect on our journey. Maybe I'll even get a chance to look through some of my camera pictures (I haven't even had the time to do that!)

Anywho, to the important stuff: The Bump! Our beloved Bunny <3

We'll start with our week 16 picture in Croatia:
16 weeks 1 day- the "Whoa Baby!" dress

We had a beautiful boat rode on the coast of Dubrovnik and then dinner at a secluded beach and watched the sun set. It was spectacular!

Week 17: Please excuse the boring chalkboard. Between traveling home and then our reality check I was far too exhausted to put much effort into it.
17 weeks 5 days
And finally week 18:
18 weeks 6 days
We had an ultrasound to find out Bunny's sex. The result are sealed in an envelope and NO ONE knows what it says. Dennis and I are completely in the dark. The plan is to take the top secret envelope to Party City along with a big empty box and tell them to fill the box with blue or pink balloons and then seal both the envelope and box up. And then we're having a BIG reveal with our family on Sunday. We're SO EXCITED to finally know if we're welcoming a little man or little lady come February. 

And now for my usual questionnaire:
How far along? 18 weeks 6 days
Total weight gain/loss: 10.2 lbs (103 to 113.2)
Maternity clothes? Still rockin' my own clothes but loving maxi skirts
Stretch marks? So far so good.
Sleep: Can't complain.
Best moment this week: Knowing we get to find out what Bunny will be!!!
Have you told family and friends: Pretty sure Mama has this one covered. She tells random people we walk by.
Miss Anything? Croatia's prettiness. A less hectic life. 
Movement: I knew it would happen in Croatia and I was RIGHT! As we were about to land in Croatia my belly felt like it has popcorn popping in it. So weird. It lasted for about 5 minutes. I wasn't sure if it was Bunny but as soon as I talked to Mama she confirmed it and said she felt the same thing with me. Sadly, I haven't felt anything since then, unless you count my ribs popping out of place (yet another fun symptom I've acquired)
Food cravings: Hmmm, nothing really.
Anything making you queasy or sick: In Croatia they served me a whole fish- I'm talking head, eye popping out, tail, bones. Yep, that was instant nausea for this Mama Bear.
Have you started to show yet: I still have to tell people I'm preggo because they give me funny looks otherwise but the pudge is definitely there and getting bigger ever so slowly.
Gender prediction: I've said girl all along and in the last two weeks things have changed. Not saying I've changed my mind BUT now I just have NO IDEA!!! 
Labor Signs: Negatory.
Belly Button in or out? Innie
Wedding rings on or off? Still on
Happy or Moody most of the time: This week has been a roller coaster of emotions. Too much stress for this preggo.
Looking forward to: Our BIG reveal on Sunday!!! What will Baby Gibby be???

Stay tuned for the HUGE announcement and Croatia pictures!

Until then...

Mama Bear signing out...

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